You might be thinking; “Hmm The Feline Queen spelled Pallas wrong.” Nope! This is an actual cat, so get ready to become a kellas cat expert! 

All About the Kellas Kitty

   So, what is the kellas cat? You might be surprised, but the kellas cat is the offspring of the scottish wildcat (which I also wrote about) and a domestic cat. Now that you know how it was created, let’s go deeper. Since the kellas cat is very rare, the appearance I’m describing might not be accurate. When a kitten, they look like regular grey tabbys. But when grown, they can weigh between 2.5kg to 7kg. Small right? But don’t underestimate this kitty. The kellas cat is 2-3 feet long! It has particularly strong hind legs, and is black with white chest fur. It looks like a regular kitty! But this means that they’re often mistaken for a domestic cat. They get taken to the animal shelter, but often never get adopted. Why? Because it was born wild. The kellas cat is not meant to live with humans. Maybe in the future, but not today. It eats small mammals along with the other things wildcats usually eat. So that’s all, hoped you liked it!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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