Here’s a cat that’s become ignored forever. But now it’s one step away from extinction.

    Forgotten Feline

You might be like, “ENDANGERED??? HOW?” Or something like that, but it’s true. First, learn a bit about it. The scottish wildcat lives in the highlands of Scotland. It’s very rare (probably because it’s critically endangered) so it’s very hard to tell how many there are in the wild. Most scientists estimate there are about 95 left. Like most cats, they mostly eat small mammals and insects as a snack. Now, many people confuse domestic cats with scottish wildcats. Scottish wildcats are  big dark tabbys and most show signs of living in the wild. They are bigger, and usually have short fur, growing a bit longer in winter. Their tails are a bit like a bobcat’s, round and shortish. (kinda?) Now, for the endangered time.

Endangered Kitties

So now that you’re an expert of scottish wildcats, get ready to become…sad. Scottish wildcats are critically endangered because of poachers, forest destruction, starving, and other cons of living in the wild. But humans are the main cause. Some people don’t even KNOW about the scottish wildcat. But people in the scottish wildcat area are holding programs to help them. If you live there, HELP THEM! It won’t hurt.

The Feline Queen ❤️

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