There’s one feline that’s not around anymore, so get ready for an explosion of cat facts!

The Saber Tooth Tiger (Also called Smilodon)

The words saber tooth tiger take a bit long to write, so we’ll be calling them Sabers. Anyways, let’s start with food. Scientists think Sabers were at the top of the food chain, so it might have eaten anything it catched. It has short legs and scientists think this ment it killed its prey by ambushing it. Why did scientists think it ambushed prey because of Sabers’ legs? Well, short legs mean limited speed, and prey could be very fast. So the only efficient way to catch prey was by hiding, and then once it had a head start, it would LEAP at it! Scientists think they would bite it with their extra long teeth and wait until it bled to death. Sabers are carnivores, meaning they were meat eaters. Like I said before, its at the top of the food chain, so they ate any animal large enough to feed it.

It mostly ate bison (american buffalo), musk-oxen, ground sloths, american camels, prong oxen, tapirs, antelope, prehistoric horses (hipparionine horses), and mastodon (extinct hairy elephants). How do people know this? Scientists study all the fossils that were alive during the same period as Saber. The ones that were big enough to be considered food for Saber but not too big were probably the prey that were hunted by Sabers. Sabers lived in South America, in the western side of the Andes mountains, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. In North America, they lived in Rancho La Brea in California. It is currently impossible to know the true color of Saber, but scientists think it’s a smooth sand color, like a lion. Well I think that’s enough for today! I hoped you liked learning about Saber!

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