The calico led Snow and Jellybean down the room, where there was a door leading to a small room. It looked like a study room but didn’t seem like it was going to protect them. Then she walked towards one of the maps and pulled one of the pins sustaining the map on the wall off. The corner of the map sagged, and a hidden corridor was revealed. The she-cat beckoned for the sisters to enter. Impressed, Snow nudged her sibling and they hopped into the opening. But there were more surprises up ahead.

“Amber here, open up!” She said clearly. Two metal doors slid open. “Whoa. That’s some high-tech you got going on!” Jellybean exclaimed. “So your name is Amber?” Snow asked curiously. The slender cat nodded.”Yep. Come on, we’re not there yet.” They padded into a clearing, with metal walls, a hole filled with fresh-kill, and plenty of moss newly soaked with water. “Is this it?” Jellybean asked excitedly. Amber smiled. “Yes, it is. We have to stay here until it is safe.”

Amber paused for a moment. “I’m not expendable.” She mewed briefly. Snow managed to keep her frown small and unnoticeable. Amber was definitely not telling them something. “We have to stay here for now. Get comfortable.” Amber padded up to the fresh-kill hole and grabbed a rabbit. Suddenly exhausted, Snow slumped on the hard wall and closed her eyes.

 She was sitting quietly at the water’s edge, waves lapping hungrily at her paws.  “Why are you here, Asher?” She said softly. A cat  as  black as the night sky above them padded up to her.  “I have come to take my place.” He growled. “Even you can’t stop me.”. The female cat’s brown, orange, and white fur seemed to shine in the darkness.  “I wish you weren’t like this.” She whispered.  Asher laughed, a surprisingly harsh sound coming from a cat. “Oh, Amber.  That’s what they all wish.” “And they’re all right to. They fear you…I fear you!”  Asher glared at her. “You can still join me. One more chance. I can let myself forget the betrayals, and the fights we’ve had. We’ll be unstoppable together, I promise you.” Amber avoided his eyes and stared down at her paws.”They don’t even trust you, they aren’t letting you fight aren’t they? They’re ignoring everything  you’ve done for them.” Asher stood up and walked even closer to Amber. He hissed in her ear. “Join me. Make our father proud.  Sister.”

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