USDA is killing innocent kitties for no good reason, and we have to do something. Today you will learn what else they’re doing wrong, and how to stop it!

The USDA Kitten Crimes

USDA is not only killing cats, they’re doing experiments on them! The first step in this horrid cycle is breeding the cats. They breed 100 cats annually. Next, they’re raising the cats up to two months and then feeding them raw meat with toxoplasmosis, which is then harvested from the cats’ feces and used for other experiments. Then the cats, which most are healthy and if not then could easily be cured, are killed.

A spokesperson from USDA says in defense, that ‘the cats could affect the pregnancies of many women if they come in contact with the cat.’ And yet the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argues that the parasite could only be from the feces of cats a few weeks following the infection. So if USDA were to keep the cats for a few more weeks the families would be fine. The USDA spokesperson counters this pointing out that the parasite could last longer in the cats body than thought, and it could be reactivated later again.

So then Senior Vice President Gudrun Ravetz of the British Veterinary Association then says the chances of them happening is low, and that only people with weak immune systems are likely to get infected. He also says that if a person does have a weak immune system that they should follow NHS advice for precautionary measures. Ravetz also added more advice on how to minimize getting infected, like washing your hands thoroughly after cleaning the cat’s litter box. So in conclusion, USDA still has no good reason to be killing cats.

How To Help

So there. I’m pretty sure you’re ready to learn how to help. One way is by visiting Just search that up and it should pop up. Once you’re on there you’re able to contact the congress and state how you think USDA are treating cats and dogs wrong. Another you could do there is to donate money to help stop this horror. If you’re want to help a different way, you could spread the word. How? By making videos, writing articles, or even telling people you know and could help. If my article didn’t help convince you, go visit Kitten Lady’s channel. She’s a cat activist and has made a very descriptive video about USDA. So that’s it, I hope you decide to help stop this…

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