Ok, so you’re just doing your homework when your cat starts being annoying. (ok well not annoying cats can’t be annoying its impossible) You shoo the poor kitty, but it keeps coming back. Why? Well, maybe school decieded to take over your life!

The Annoying Battle…

  Welp, you now know that school has taken over your life, but you can’t quit school! It’s important to know your limits. On a school day, I would reccomend going home, do your homework, eat something, and then play with your cat(s). But it’s not that simple. You want to know how much time you should play with them. Playing physically with them and a toy should take 10 to 20 minutes. Giving them heaven (petting them) can take at least 5 minutes. Maybe you help take care of your cat(s). Doing your cat chores takes as much time as you need it to. You just can’t forget your cats, they’re like your guardian angel, (or devil) but very cuddly and sweet. You have to remember these are actual beings. Not are they living things, they have feelings, and you have to respect them like you would with any other person. I’m sorry if this article was a bit short, I hope you liked it!

The  Feline Queen ❤️

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