Have you ever been watching the news, when you see something like: BREAKING NEWS: SCIENTISTS WORRY THAT AMUR LEOPARDS MAY BECOME EXTINCT IN LESS THAN A YEAR!!! Have you ever wished you could DO something? I feel just like you, and that’s why I made this website. I want to spread the word that our amazing feline friends are disappearing. You can do something to help, and I’m here to tell you how.

Overpopulation of Cats

  This is a HUGE problem. The cats aren’t the main problem. Humans are actually the cause of overpopulation of cats. Humans are deciding to not neuter cats, and instead breed them. Some kittens are even abandoned because their owners didn’t have enough resources to be able to have them! Overpopulation of cats lead to problems like this. Cats become strays, or are even born feral and stay like that for the rest of their life. Cats suffer when the cold season comes, or when there’s a big heat wave. They starve, yet people decide to ignore it. I wrote about this in one of my older articles, but I have a feeling I didn’t include much info. Feeding your stray or feral cats in your area doesn’t help unless they’re neutered. It’ll just make them mate and give birth to even more kittens, which is what we don’t want.

Instead, do TNR, which I find very frustrating when a cat lover doesn’t know about, by the way. Anyways, TNR stands for trap-neuter-return. This is a process where first, you trap the feral cat. Next, you bring the cat to the vet and have the vet neuter and sometimes vaccinate. Last, you return the cat where it was trapped or found. If the cat is a kitten, sometimes the vet would put it up for adoption if it’s young but old enough. One more way is to encourage others to do TNR, if you don’t have enough resources. This is how to help the problem of… Overpopulation of Cats!

Endangered Felines

   Now this is a serious problem, because these felines could become extinct. Almost every feline is endangered, some critically endangered. There isn’t much to explain, only how to help. But main reasons of felines being endangered are: Poaching, deforestation, pollution, natural disasters, or more. One of the most endangered felines is the amur leopard. Scientists think there are only about 50 left in the wild. One REALLY endangered feline is the zanzibar leopard. The zanzibar leopard is so endangered that some people think it’s extinct. Sadly, that’s very possible. The zanzibar leopard hasn’t been seen since the early 1980s. That is, until a few months ago, when a show called Extinct or Alive spotted this rare beauty. Since then, more people have been trying to save this feline. Ways to help are: donate, encourage protection for these felines, or more. You CAN make a difference, just don’t give up.

The Feline Queen ❤️

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