In most places, black cats are shunned because of their appearance. Here I’ll explain why, and how to help.

Legends of the Black Kitty Cats

Way back, cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt, and soon in other places of the world cats were loved. But then later, when stories of witches and black magic were told, cats weren’t as loved. People made up stories of witches with familiars, which were almost always black cats. So people started killing all black cats in sight, and black cats were known as bad luck. Luckily, after that dark time was over, cats were soon the most famous of all again. But people still made connections with witches and black cats, saying that black cats were actually witches or devils in disguise, because why else were they black if not because of black magic? The truth is that black cats had certain genes that made their fur black, or that they had a pigment called melanism, which makes their fur look black. (But back then people were too stubborn to understand this). Even today, black cats are usually avoided and the last to get adopted, resulting in them getting euthanized.

How to Help

There are many ways to help. The best way is to adopt a black cat if you see one in a shelter, like me. If you can’t do that, try fostering a cat, so at least they won’t get killed, although take note that it will probably take a while to find someone willing to adopt one. If you can’t do any of those two things, then you could contact someone who could, start expressing the joy of black cats in many ways, or start making them seem innocent animals that deserve to get adopted. (Which they are) Well, I hope you decide to help save the lives of many black cats!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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