Cats and Human Food

  Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas is on it’s way! But your cats are BEGGING for your food. Sometimes you decide that’s it’s ok to give them a bit, but soon it will become VERY chaotic!


  I know, I know. You’re probably like, “HOW IS IT CHAOTIC?!” Well, here’s why. When you give a cat a tiny bit of food, (after a lot of suffering) your cat will keep asking for more, encouraged by the fact that you did give them a bit of food.

It’s ok if you give them some tidbits once in a while, but imagine this: You’re eating tuna, and your cat loves it and is asking for some. You think, it’s tuna, how will it hurt my cat? Well, maybe the tuna was mixed with onions, and you decide to leave them there. Onions are poisonous to cats, and if you don’t make it to the vet in time, your cat will probably die. Even if you’re sure that it’s not bad for your cat, keep in mind that it’s human food. You are a human, but a cat is a cat. Too much of something (ANYTHING, not just human food.) can be bad for your cat.

Now let’s say it’s still Thanksgiving and you decide to give them more Fancy Feast for the whole week. When that week is over, your cat might decide you just forgot that you gave them an extra can for now on. So they would start asking you for more food, and you would eventually give them more food. But it doesn’t mean you should never give them treats, it just means you should be aware of how much food you give your cat. Well, now you know!

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Cat Celebs 101: Lil BUB

Ever heard of a grey tabby with huge eyes and a tongue sticking out? Well, meet Lil BUB! She is a one of a kind, a cute kind! Get ready to learn more about this interesting kitty!

The Lil Story!

     BUB was found in July of 2011, in a feral cat litter. Even though the rest of the litter was healthy, BUB was not. She was only a few weeks old when they took her in as a rescue cat. The reason BUB looks so cute is because of many reasons. First, she has an extreme case of dwarfism, which makes her limbs small compared to the rest of her body. Next, she is a perma-kitten, meaning she will stay with the features of a kitten forever. BUB’s lower jaw is shorter than her upper jaw, and her teeth failed to grow in, so her tongue is always sticking out. 

My cats! Domino (left) and Shadow! (right) Random pic!

Anyways…Lil BUB is still very healthy despite the fact that she was born with about 3 deformations, and many people love to see pics of her! (LIKE ME!!)

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The Wonderful Kellas Cat

   You might be thinking; “Hmm The Feline Queen spelled Pallas wrong.” Nope! This is an actual cat, so get ready to become a kellas cat expert! 

All About the Kellas Kitty

   So, what is the kellas cat? You might be surprised, but the kellas cat is the offspring of the scottish wildcat (which I also wrote about) and a domestic cat. Now that you know how it was created, let’s go deeper. Since the kellas cat is very rare, the appearance I’m describing might not be accurate. When a kitten, they look like regular grey tabbys. But when grown, they can weigh between 2.5kg to 7kg. Small right? But don’t underestimate this kitty. The kellas cat is 2-3 feet long! It has particularly strong hind legs, and is black with white chest fur. It looks like a regular kitty! But this means that they’re often mistaken for a domestic cat. They get taken to the animal shelter, but often never get adopted. Why? Because it was born wild. The kellas cat is not meant to live with humans. Maybe in the future, but not today. It eats small mammals along with the other things wildcats usually eat. So that’s all, hoped you liked it!

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The Scottish Wildcat

Here’s a cat that’s become ignored forever. But now it’s one step away from extinction.

    Forgotten Feline

You might be like, “ENDANGERED??? HOW?” Or something like that, but it’s true. First, learn a bit about it. The scottish wildcat lives in the highlands of Scotland. It’s very rare (probably because it’s critically endangered) so it’s very hard to tell how many there are in the wild. Most scientists estimate there are about 95 left. Like most cats, they mostly eat small mammals and insects as a snack. Now, many people confuse domestic cats with scottish wildcats. Scottish wildcats are  big dark tabbys and most show signs of living in the wild. They are bigger, and usually have short fur, growing a bit longer in winter. Their tails are a bit like a bobcat’s, round and shortish. (kinda?) Now, for the endangered time.

Endangered Kitties

So now that you’re an expert of scottish wildcats, get ready to become…sad. Scottish wildcats are critically endangered because of poachers, forest destruction, starving, and other cons of living in the wild. But humans are the main cause. Some people don’t even KNOW about the scottish wildcat. But people in the scottish wildcat area are holding programs to help them. If you live there, HELP THEM! It won’t hurt.

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Cat Celebs 101: Nanakuli

This is one awesome cat! Riding the waves while missing one eye, what’s not to love?

 Meet Nanakuli

People call him Kuli for short, so that’s what we’ll do. Kuli was rescued from the streets, in Hawaii. He was adopted from a local nonprofit at three months old, and lost one of his eyes to an infection. Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton (Kuli’s owners) said that it was during Kuli’s recovering that they discovered his love of water. Gomez was a surfer, so she decided to bring Kuli to the beach one day, to see if his love of water extended the ocean. Sure enough, Kuli loved the waves a lot!  Kuli now rides the waves with his fellow human, and has gained about 57.7k followers! Kuli can surf himself, and you can probably catch a glimpse of this in Instagram. (The place you can see the pics is @kulithesurfingcat) I hope you liked learning about Kuli, Bye!

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The Prehistoric Kitty Cat

There’s one feline that’s not around anymore, so get ready for an explosion of cat facts!

The Saber Tooth Tiger (Also called Smilodon)

The words saber tooth tiger take a bit long to write, so we’ll be calling them Sabers. Anyways, let’s start with food. Scientists think Sabers were at the top of the food chain, so it might have eaten anything it catched. It has short legs and scientists think this ment it killed its prey by ambushing it. Why did scientists think it ambushed prey because of Sabers’ legs? Well, short legs mean limited speed, and prey could be very fast. So the only efficient way to catch prey was by hiding, and then once it had a head start, it would LEAP at it! Scientists think they would bite it with their extra long teeth and wait until it bled to death. Sabers are carnivores, meaning they were meat eaters. Like I said before, its at the top of the food chain, so they ate any animal large enough to feed it.

It mostly ate bison (american buffalo), musk-oxen, ground sloths, american camels, prong oxen, tapirs, antelope, prehistoric horses (hipparionine horses), and mastodon (extinct hairy elephants). How do people know this? Scientists study all the fossils that were alive during the same period as Saber. The ones that were big enough to be considered food for Saber but not too big were probably the prey that were hunted by Sabers. Sabers lived in South America, in the western side of the Andes mountains, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. In North America, they lived in Rancho La Brea in California. It is currently impossible to know the true color of Saber, but scientists think it’s a smooth sand color, like a lion. Well I think that’s enough for today! I hoped you liked learning about Saber!

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Cat Celebs 101: Grumpy Cat

  Good news! It’s time to learn about the one and only, Grumpy Cat!

Grumpy Cat

  Before we get started, please understand that Grumpy Cat really isn’t grumpy, that’s just the way he looks. Anyways, here’s some info: Grumpy’s real name is Tardar Sauce, so Grumpy Cat is just his stage name. Tardar was born April 4, 2012, in Morristown, Arizona. He is currently about 6 years old, if I’m correct. Tardar’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen, say’s Tardar’s mother was a calico, but their not 100 percent sure about his father. Tardar is famous for his permanent grumpy look, and has made Tardar a celebrity cat. Tardar has SO MUCH MERCH, YAY! You can find Tardar’s face on mugs,  t-shirts, calendars, plushies , home decor, and much more! Tardar also has interviews, such as American Idol, Good Morning America, and has starred in the movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed learning about this grumpy kitty!

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Is Your Cat Overweight?

58 percent of cats are overweight just in the U.S, and what if your cat is one of them? In this article you’ll be learning how to prevent your cat from becoming overweight, and how to put a stop to it if your cat is already overweight!


There are so many fat cats. It may sound funny, but it isn’t. Most fat cats only live 12 to 15 years. Imagine, if that were your cat! It is possible, but can be prevented very easily. Well actually, it depends on what level of urgency you’re at. If you’re like “Eh, he’ll live.” Then you’re probably not willing to do this. But first, let’s see if your cat is overweight. An adult cat should weigh 7.9 to 9.9 lbs. That’s just the average house cat. It depends on what breed and type. Maine Coons are one of the biggest cat breeds, so it’s ok if they weigh a bit more. Singapuras are one of the smallest cats, so they’ll probably weigh at bit less. If you have a kitten, you have to be feeding it just right. A kitten that is 4 weeks should weigh 13 ounces. Five weeks are one pound, and so on. By the time the cat is 6 months, the cat should weigh half the size of an average adult cat. There are lots of kitten charts, and lots of ages on them. Well, let’s move on.

How to Fight Overweight Cats

So, you’ve read the last paragraph and is sure that your cat is overweight. Oh no! What do you do? There are many ways to fight fat cats, so I’m gonna tell you the cheapest and simplest way: Try to find a type of food with less fat, and if you can’t just start feeding them less. Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise from now on. You and your cat will both live long, happy lives if you do this!

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Cats Vs. Dogs: The Battle

Here’s a fun fact: In third grade, I loved cats so much I started a debate, one about cats and dogs. Of course, everyone knew I was leading the cat side, and we won! So today you shall finally learn the truth. NOTE: I do not hate dogs, I just dislike them very very very very much.(no offense) Also, this is just an opinion, so please do not hate me.

Why Cats RULE

Just to let you know, expect to finish reading when you’re 80 years old. There are many reasons cats are the best, so I’ll only tell you the main reasons. First, cats are easier to take care of. You don’t have to take them out on walks, and you hardly ever have to bathe them. When I said you don’t have to take cats on walks, it does not mean that cats can’t go on walks. With patience, you could train your cat to take walks. Also, this does not mean cats are lazy. It’s SO ANNOYING when I hear people saying cats are lazy. In the wild, cats need much more energy to hunt, because they don’t live in packs. Therefore, they have to sleep more. This instinct has still stayed strong in pet cats.  And be honest, isn’t it great to sleep? (#IMSOLAZY) So cats aren’t lazy, and if you hear someone say that, go prove them wrong, then please ask them if they have ever studied.(okay, maybe don’t do that) Second, cats aren’t nosy. What I mean to say is, cats won’t bother you for attention every second like dogs do. Sure, they sometimes ask for food, but then that’s only until you actually give them food. Dogs are always trying to get all the attention, without realizing you need space. Once while I was visiting my cousins, I woke up with their dog standing on me! Cats only come when you need them, or you just mentally call them. (ok I was kidding, but sometimes cats really do come!) Last, cats are very interesting. I mean, doesn’t everyone know that a dog’s tail wags when the dog is happy? Isn’t it obvious? Cats can also land on their feet, which is very interesting when you learn about it.


So those are the main reasons that cats rule. Remember, follow what you believe in! That’s all for now, Bye!

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Don’t Declaw Your Cat!

Have you ever walked into your living room, and seen your cat scratching your brand-new couch? Have you ever taken one look at this annoying scenario and considered declawing your cat? Well, get prepared, because I’ve come to talk you out of it!

The Horrors!

I know, that just sounded like a reason to immediately get out of here, but after you read this you’ll feel like I’ve saved your cat from becoming miserable! First, it should be obvious, declawing your cat is very cruel. ( No hate to the people who have already declawed their cat) If you thought declawing your cat was just giving them something to make sure their claws never grow back, you’re wrong. Declawing is actually giving your cat surgery to take the top of their toes off, so the part where the claw should be was gone. Not only is it painful, imagine your cat getting lost in the wild. Until it finds you, how will it hunt and defend itself? Also, cats will still try to scratch things, they’re just not as successful. It may hurt to walk, because if you didn’t know, cats walk on their toes.Your cat might not be able to walk at all!  Your cat also may become more shy or aggressive because ( like I said before) of the fact they might not be able to defend itself if attacked. Please get this: YOUR CAT MIGHT NEVER BE THE SAME EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if you think I’m crazy, but I HATE seeing cats without their precious claws. Cats lose part of themselves just because you want to protect your couch when there are better ways.

How to Help

Unlike most of my articles, there really are only a few ways to help. Don’t declaw your cat, and try to convince others to not declaw their cat too are the main ways to help. It requires little energy and time.  Well, I really hope you don’t declaw your cat!

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