I hope you liked learning about how Shadow was adopted! Today I’ll be telling you the story of Domino, my other kitty!

Domino the Crazy Kitty

About half a year after I adopted Shadow, I realized so many people had multiple cats. I wanted to be one of those people. So I started my long journey of asking my parents for another cat. I asked them everyday, I made little signs saying; ADOPT A CAT!! , and I came up with a list of reasons to adopt another cat. Eventually, my parents decided to go look at some kitties. This time we were going to go to two places. The first one was good old Montclair Township Animal Shelter (MTAS), which had become our local animal shelter. There were more kittens than when we went to adopt Shadow, but I didn’t feel any connection towards then as I had with Shadow. I did see a young 4 month old kitten named Rose. She was strikingly beautiful, with patched of black, orange, and a bit of white. I noticed that her eye seemed a bit swollen, and I asked a volunteer was that was about. She told me it was because there was something wrong with her eye, and since they were going to give her surgery, we couldn’t adopt her. I felt disappointed, but I wished her well and me and my family then drove to the next place.

It was called Cameron Small Animal Hospital (CAH), but they had cats up for adoption too. When we came in, we waited for the nurse to finish her appointment. Finally we were called to enter. She asked us what type of cat we were looking for, so we described it. The nurse then left to get to first group of cats. Excited, I talked to my family about what we could name the cat. We came up with names like Muffin, Sam, Kitty, and many others. After a few minutes, the nurse came back with another assistant. I tried to resist jumping up and down, for the nurse and the assistant were carrying two kittens each. They all looked like they were siblings, because they were all black and white. “There are 1 male and 3 females in this litter.” The nurse told us. “The male is the most affectionate, so I would recommend him.” The kittens were VERY CUTE, but one in particular caught my eye. She was one of the females, with white paws, the ones in the back slightly longer so it looked like she had boots.

After spending a good 20 minutes with the litter, the nurse and assistant brought in another kitty. She was actually not as young as the 4 month old litter we had just saw. Her name was Jellybean, and she was beautiful! Jellybean had patches of orange and black over her white fur. To be honest, the patches really did look like jellybeans! She wasn’t as shy as the last group, and she loved those belly rubs! The nurse sadly told us that Jellybean, who was about 7 months old, had lived here ever since she was born. The reason for this was because Jellybean hadn’t been as friendly like now. I wanted to adopt her, but I could tell she was going to get adopted soon.

After we left, we went to Domino’s Pizza to order some pizza. While we waited, I told my family that I was interested in the kitty with the white boots. It was decided. We would try to get in touch with the nurse as soon as we can. We tried to come up with some more names. We looked around and tried to find names that we could name her. Marble, Cookie, Pizza, and even Chicken didn’t fit. Suddenly my dad grinned. “The cat is black and white, right? What about Domino?” I clapped my hands excitedly. It was perfect. A domino is usually black and white, like the cat! Plus we would always know that we ate pizza after looking at all these kitties. We adopted Domino a few days after, and all was well…

Curious Domino looking outside the window.

The Feline Queen

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