One of the reasons I’m so intent on saving the felines is because I know they’re suffering. I can compare my cats’ feelings with their cousins’ feelings, and I feel sympathy for them. Today I’ll tell you a bit more about my cats, and how I came to adopt them.

Shadow, The Shy Guardian Angel

First things first, Shadow is VERY shy. That’s one of the reasons I adopted her. I’d started to study cats that year, and I became a bit motivated to adopt one. I begged my family until they finally decided to only SEE the cats, not adopt any, as a late birthday present. So we went to Montclair Township Animal Shelter, also called M.T.AS. It was a shelter that had their own website, so I checked out some of the cats on the website the day before we visited them. I had noticed a cat called Espresso, who was said to be very shy and prefers to be adopted with her sister. I felt bad for her, so I decided to keep an eye out for her and her sister. When we first arrived, I was in a state of shock and excitement. Why? Because there were SO MANY CATS!!! I wished I could adopt all of them. The cats seemed to be sleeping, and there weren’t many kittens. I suddenly noticed a black fur of ball race across the room and under one of the cages. I crouched and immediately knew that was Expresso. I didn’t see her sister…but I didn’t concentrate on that though. I was too amazed by the beauty of Espresso to be worried that moment. She was warmed by the deep black coat of hers, turning a dark caramel in the sunlight. As she stared at me in fear, her dark pupils widened and her emerald eyes became the cutest thing I had ever seen. I held out my hand for her to sniff, and she lashed out and gave me a thin scratch. Okay, maybe it wasn’t love at first sight for her, but I was still determined to make her trust me. I decided to leave her alone for now and check out some other cats.

Now that I had left Expresso, I had become a bit worried about her sister. “Where’s Expresso’s sister?” I asked one of the volunteers standing there. “I don’t know, she might’ve already been adopted, in the other room, or…other reasons…” Me being a very young 8 year old, the volunteer probably thought I didn’t suspect the other reason, which was the shelter thought there were too many cats and had to euthanize some of them, including Expresso’s sister. Even though that wasn’t that likely, I now realize, because if Espresso is shyer than her sister, wouldn’t she have gotten euthanized too? As I pondered where Expresso’s sister could be, I heard a closet door open. I noticed an elegant grey tabby cat with long hair sitting on top of one of the cabinets inside the closet.

I slowly approached the cat to find the cat rubbing it’s hand against mine. I started petting her slowly, scratching her chin like most cats liked. After a while of me petting her, she let out a sound that sounded like she was blowing a kiss. I asked the same volunteer what that meant. “She’s actually blowing you a kiss!” The volunteer announced cheerfully. Me not knowing what to make of that, I went back to the cat, who I found was named Velour and was 3 years old. I made the same sound that she had made to me. As I continued petting her, I wondered who I should adopt. Expresso had turned out to be only 4 months old, and I knew nothing about her sister. My heart grew heavy as I made my choice. If I left Espresso and adopted Velour, she would most likely get euthanized. If I adopted Expresso, Velour would probably get adopted. I told my parents what I had decided, and to my surprise they said we could adopt Expresso today! We told the people at the shelter, and then we left them while we bought supplies for Espresso. When we came back they were still struggling to trap Espresso and put her in the carrier, but they finally managed it. As we rode home, I told my parents how guilty I felt about leaving Velour, but my mom assured me that she would continue to volunteer and wouldn’t let them euthanize Velour. A few days later, she told me that Velour had been adopted, and all the sadness that I’d been feeling went away. As months went by, I grew a close bond with Espresso, who we renamed Shadow. She would sleep with me at night, and I would be her loyal human forever! The only thing that still bothers me is what happened to her sister…

I have no idea when I took this photo, but I love Shadow with all my heart ❤️😻

This took longer than I expected to write, so I’ll be cutting this article into two parts. This is the first part, about Shadow! I’ll be making part two as soon as I can, but right now I hope you enjoyed!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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