This cat was treated horribly. No cat deserves to be treated like Ugly was, but it happens sometimes. Today you’ll learn more about this poor cat, and be taught an important lesson.

Brokenhearted Yet Full Of Love

Meet Ugly. He was a feral kitten, and I think you can guess why he was called Ugly. He had sores covering his matted tabby fur, a stump for a tail, and with only one eye usable. This poor cat was mistreated. People would throw rocks at him, yell names at him, hose him down with water, and just completely ignore him. And yet, he treated every person like they were his owners. He always tried to figure out what he did wrong, and beg for forgiveness. He would ask for attention, despite all the abuse. Ugly lived a horrible life, yet he was still sweet.

The End…

One day, Ugly got attacked by some huskies. A man heard the commotion, and went outside to see what was happening. People were told to stay away from Ugly, but this man didn’t hesitate to pick up the injured kitten and bring him to his room. He was slow, and he was afraid he would just make the injury worse. He didn’t, but it was too late. Ugly died in his arms, finally freed from the suffering.

It’s important to learn what we can in order to save the felines. Millions of other cats and felines are also suffering like this. But we can save them, so help me.

The Feline Queen

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