58 percent of cats are overweight just in the U.S, and what if your cat is one of them? In this article you’ll be learning how to prevent your cat from becoming overweight, and how to put a stop to it if your cat is already overweight!


There are so many fat cats. It may sound funny, but it isn’t. Most fat cats only live 12 to 15 years. Imagine, if that were your cat! It is possible, but can be prevented very easily. Well actually, it depends on what level of urgency you’re at. If you’re like “Eh, he’ll live.” Then you’re probably not willing to do this. But first, let’s see if your cat is overweight. An adult cat should weigh 7.9 to 9.9 lbs. That’s just the average house cat. It depends on what breed and type. Maine Coons are one of the biggest cat breeds, so it’s ok if they weigh a bit more. Singapuras are one of the smallest cats, so they’ll probably weigh at bit less. If you have a kitten, you have to be feeding it just right. A kitten that is 4 weeks should weigh 13 ounces. Five weeks are one pound, and so on. By the time the cat is 6 months, the cat should weigh half the size of an average adult cat. There are lots of kitten charts, and lots of ages on them. Well, let’s move on.

How to Fight Overweight Cats

So, you’ve read the last paragraph and is sure that your cat is overweight. Oh no! What do you do? There are many ways to fight fat cats, so I’m gonna tell you the cheapest and simplest way: Try to find a type of food with less fat, and if you can’t just start feeding them less. Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise from now on. You and your cat will both live long, happy lives if you do this!

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