Have you ever walked into your living room, and seen your cat scratching your brand-new couch? Have you ever taken one look at this annoying scenario and considered declawing your cat? Well, get prepared, because I’ve come to talk you out of it!

The Horrors!

I know, that just sounded like a reason to immediately get out of here, but after you read this you’ll feel like I’ve saved your cat from becoming miserable! First, it should be obvious, declawing your cat is very cruel. ( No hate to the people who have already declawed their cat) If you thought declawing your cat was just giving them something to make sure their claws never grow back, you’re wrong. Declawing is actually giving your cat surgery to take the top of their toes off, so the part where the claw should be was gone. Not only is it painful, imagine your cat getting lost in the wild. Until it finds you, how will it hunt and defend itself? Also, cats will still try to scratch things, they’re just not as successful. It may hurt to walk, because if you didn’t know, cats walk on their toes.Your cat might not be able to walk at all!  Your cat also may become more shy or aggressive because ( like I said before) of the fact they might not be able to defend itself if attacked. Please get this: YOUR CAT MIGHT NEVER BE THE SAME EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if you think I’m crazy, but I HATE seeing cats without their precious claws. Cats lose part of themselves just because you want to protect your couch when there are better ways.

How to Help

Unlike most of my articles, there really are only a few ways to help. Don’t declaw your cat, and try to convince others to not declaw their cat too are the main ways to help. It requires little energy and time.  Well, I really hope you don’t declaw your cat!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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