Here’s a fun fact: In third grade, I loved cats so much I started a debate, one about cats and dogs. Of course, everyone knew I was leading the cat side, and we won! So today you shall finally learn the truth. NOTE: I do not hate dogs, I just dislike them very very very very much.(no offense) Also, this is just an opinion, so please do not hate me.

Why Cats RULE

Just to let you know, expect to finish reading when you’re 80 years old. There are many reasons cats are the best, so I’ll only tell you the main reasons. First, cats are easier to take care of. You don’t have to take them out on walks, and you hardly ever have to bathe them. When I said you don’t have to take cats on walks, it does not mean that cats can’t go on walks. With patience, you could train your cat to take walks. Also, this does not mean cats are lazy. It’s SO ANNOYING when I hear people saying cats are lazy. In the wild, cats need much more energy to hunt, because they don’t live in packs. Therefore, they have to sleep more. This instinct has still stayed strong in pet cats.  And be honest, isn’t it great to sleep? (#IMSOLAZY) So cats aren’t lazy, and if you hear someone say that, go prove them wrong, then please ask them if they have ever studied.(okay, maybe don’t do that) Second, cats aren’t nosy. What I mean to say is, cats won’t bother you for attention every second like dogs do. Sure, they sometimes ask for food, but then that’s only until you actually give them food. Dogs are always trying to get all the attention, without realizing you need space. Once while I was visiting my cousins, I woke up with their dog standing on me! Cats only come when you need them, or you just mentally call them. (ok I was kidding, but sometimes cats really do come!) Last, cats are very interesting. I mean, doesn’t everyone know that a dog’s tail wags when the dog is happy? Isn’t it obvious? Cats can also land on their feet, which is very interesting when you learn about it.


So those are the main reasons that cats rule. Remember, follow what you believe in! That’s all for now, Bye!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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