Most people consider cats loners, or aloof. But… is that true?

The Truth

No, it’s not really true. But don’t leave yet, I’m not done. I consider cats loners as much as I consider dogs loners. Cats need their space, but that doesn’t mean cats don’t like attention. It’s an instinct. Cats are solitary animals. They almost never see another cat, apart from mating time. When they do meet another cat, the cats either fight or one gets scared away. Same thing goes when cats meet other animals that aren’t prey. The animals that could easily crush cats are usually stayed away from. So when cats encounter humans, domestic or not, it’s not rare that their first thought is run. Even affectionate cats still have their instincts, and sometimes they just need their alone time. But all these cats are domesticated, and need their humans. Even the shy or aggressive ones feel an urge to be with us. In fact, one of my cats called Shadow, is very shy. Yet we have a bond. Every night ( or every time I’m in bed ), Shadow would always jump onto my bed and fall asleep purring with me. My other cat Domino is very affectionate, yet even she sometimes needs her time alone. But both cats love me, and it’s staying that way.

My Short Conclusion

So now I hope you understand why cats aren’t loners. And remember, be sure to give your cat lot’s of attention, but also give them some privacy, and you’ll both be very happy!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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