Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas is on it’s way! But your cats are BEGGING for your food. Sometimes you decide that’s it’s ok to give them a bit, but soon it will become VERY chaotic!


  I know, I know. You’re probably like, “HOW IS IT CHAOTIC?!” Well, here’s why. When you give a cat a tiny bit of food, (after a lot of suffering) your cat will keep asking for more, encouraged by the fact that you did give them a bit of food.

It’s ok if you give them some tidbits once in a while, but imagine this: You’re eating tuna, and your cat loves it and is asking for some. You think, it’s tuna, how will it hurt my cat? Well, maybe the tuna was mixed with onions, and you decide to leave them there. Onions are poisonous to cats, and if you don’t make it to the vet in time, your cat will probably die. Even if you’re sure that it’s not bad for your cat, keep in mind that it’s human food. You are a human, but a cat is a cat. Too much of something (ANYTHING, not just human food.) can be bad for your cat.

Now let’s say it’s still Thanksgiving and you decide to give them more Fancy Feast for the whole week. When that week is over, your cat might decide you just forgot that you gave them an extra can for now on. So they would start asking you for more food, and you would eventually give them more food. But it doesn’t mean you should never give them treats, it just means you should be aware of how much food you give your cat. Well, now you know!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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