Last time I talked about the cats’ problem of overpopulation, I focused on the whole world. But there’s one place where this problem is working its worst.

The Japanese Cat Islands

Apparently Japan has 11 cat islands. What’s a cat island? It’s an island filled with cats. It’s also a popular tourist attraction for cat lovers. But more than half of all the cats there need medical attention. This problem was first discovered by cat activist Hannah Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady. Yeah, she visited a cat island. Anyways, she noticed that all cats were hurt in some way. Most cats were also not neutered or spayed, so every year the cat populations always grew.  Most kittens had upper respiratory infections. The cats were also injured on the outside, from getting into fight with other cats. Some cats were overweight from being fed too much, others underweight from being ignored. The cats were suffering, and everyone was ignoring it.

How to Help

The best way to help is to start a program helping cats. You could hire veterinarians, do TNR, and get people to adopt the young kittens under fourteen weeks of age. If that’s too much, you could volunteer in the TNR program in one of the cat islands. If you can’t do anything, notify someone who can. The most important thing is that you NEVER euthanize a cat. This is a cruel thing to do and you’ll find you regretted doing that. There’s no going back, all we can do is wait for the cats to die on their own and the cat populations to calm down. Well, I hope you decide to help these poor cats.

The Feline Queen ❤️

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