Exciting news! The greek island cat sanctuary is hiring a caretaker to take care of 55 cats. Today let’s learn the important details of this wonderful job!

Paradise Info

So let’s start with the basics. The island itself is called Syros. You’ll get a salary that will be able to support both you and the cats and the house there comes with a direct view of the sea. The house is free, and comes with a garden. You will also have completely free lodging of lighting and water. The cats there are rescues, and most are very affectionate. You’ll have to know how to drive a manual car. They prefer you being 45+ years of age, but you don’t have to be. You’ll have to bring the cat to the vet if one gets sick, and sometimes you’ll be expected to trap a feral or non-sociable cat. You should know a cat’s behavior, and being a cat whisperer is important too. The daily hours of taking care of the cats has a proximity of 4 hours. You’re required to have knowledge of cats, and any veterinary info is welcome. You’ll also need to like the nature, and of course, like (or love) cats.

How To Get Hired

To get hired you’ll have to send your resume and photograph to joanbowell@yahoo.com. Then she’ll send the results back to you and hopefully you’ll get the job. Don’t assume you’ll get it, many people are trying to get the job. Your chances of getting picked is like your chance of winning the lottery. There are many other articles about this if you need more info. You could also go to Facebook and search the account called God’s Little People Cat Rescue and read their post yourself. Well, I hope you decide to go for it!

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