NYAN CAT! A rainbow tailed-poptart body-space cat that likes to speak gibberish and fly in space. What a fun cat to learn about!

  So…I know this isn’t actually a real cat, BUT it’s fun to write about and Nyan Cat is basically a cat. ANYWAYS, let me tell you more about Nyan Cat. Nyan Cat was created on April 2, 2011 (It’s not THAT old) when a man called Christopher Torres decided to put a random picture of a rainbow tailed- I’m not doing that again, on his place called LOL-comics. How did Torres come up with Nyan? Well, two different people told him to make a picture of food and the other one told him to make a picture of a cat. Since Torres was probably one of those people that are going places he made a combination of BOTH! A few days later he made Nyan move a bit, later turning into a video when a youtuber who called herself called saraj00n took the moving kitty pic and made it into a video. (By the way, Torres wanted to call Nyan “Poptart Cat” but saraj00n called it Nyan Cat, so that’s why people call it Nyan Cat.) The video that saraj00n made was seen 90,000,000 times since January 1,  2013. Soon the world was overtaken by Nyan Cats! People made games, even MORE videos, and other random stuff. BUT WHY IS THERE NO NYAN CAT EMOJI?!

The Feline Queen ❤️

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