Ever heard of a grey tabby with huge eyes and a tongue sticking out? Well, meet Lil BUB! She is a one of a kind, a cute kind! Get ready to learn more about this interesting kitty!

The Lil Story!

     BUB was found in July of 2011, in a feral cat litter. Even though the rest of the litter was healthy, BUB was not. She was only a few weeks old when they took her in as a rescue cat. The reason BUB looks so cute is because of many reasons. First, she has an extreme case of dwarfism, which makes her limbs small compared to the rest of her body. Next, she is a perma-kitten, meaning she will stay with the features of a kitten forever. BUB’s lower jaw is shorter than her upper jaw, and her teeth failed to grow in, so her tongue is always sticking out. 

My cats! Domino (left) and Shadow! (right) Random pic!

Anyways…Lil BUB is still very healthy despite the fact that she was born with about 3 deformations, and many people love to see pics of her! (LIKE ME!!)

The Feline Queen ❤️

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