Beautiful big cats all over the world are in danger of going extinct, and it’s up to us to help them.

Humans and Big Cats

There are many reasons big cats are going extinct. Poachers killing these animals for their fur is the most common one. Habit loss and poisoning comes close too. But some poachers kill big cats just because the poachers think the cats are evil, kinda like black cats. But of course those people are wrong, they’re just looking for excuses to be able to have a special animal trophy. Some big cats, like mountain cats, are only marked as vulnerable. But others, like tigers, are close to critically endangered. The Zanzibar leopard is also critically endangered, and was once thought as extinct before in a show they discovered a zanzibar leopard. This is very sad, but you can help!

How to Help

Even though you probably wouldn’t be able to convince a poacher to stop killing, or people to stop cutting/intruding forests, you can donate money, start your own donation, volunteer in a zoo with endangered felines, or do many other things, like always. Also, please do not get confused with the Tasmanian tiger, which can be called the Tasmanian wolf too. I don’t know much about canines, but the Tasmanian wolf is probably a canine. Some people say they kill felines because sooner or later the felines will wipe out the human population, but don’t be fooled. Most reasons felines attack is because they feel threatened, they think you’re prey, or they’re just hostile to other creatures. I hope you help them!

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