Lions are one of the most well-known felines, and they’re distinct from the rest of the big cats. They’re more social since they live in a group with other lions called a pride. Their eyes also aren’t vertical slits like domestic cats. But enough of that, let’s get learning!

There are two types of lions. African lions are found in Africa, while Asiatic lions range throughout Asia and Europe. They live on the open savannah, African plains, scrubs, grasslands, open woodlands, and the Indian Gir Forest. Lions prefer to make their homes under shady trees (Usually Acacia trees of Africa). It’s only when the lioness wants to give birth to her cubs, she will find shelter in a den. Lionesses move away from the rest of the pride and take refuge in dens to protect their young ones.

There are about 30 lions in a pride, and males and females both have separate roles. There can be up to three males within a pride, and a dozen or more females depending on territory and how much prey there is. 

Male lions have the vital job of guarding and marking the border of the pride’s territory. When the lionesses are out hunting, they also help protect the cubs. Male lions let out a roar that can be heard from 5 miles away! This noise tells other nearby prides and male lions to stay away! It’s ordinarily heard after sunset. 

A lioness’s role in the pride is primarily hunting and taking care of the cubs. Lionesses work together when they are hunting prey, including zebras, wildebeests antelopes, and a few other large animals that live in the area. Lionesses are essential in a pride. 

When young male lions reach a certain age, they leave their pride and find another one to take over. Female lions never leave the pride they were born in, except for when they move to a den nearby to have cubs. 

According to the IUCN Red List, the lion is stated as vulnerable. One of the reasons the lion is vulnerable is because of a lack of habitat. Humans also hunt down lions to keep them as trophies, for medical beliefs, or to protect their farm animals from them. Asiatic lions are slowing dying out, while African lions are a bit more common. 

Lions are majestic and beautiful creatures. We have to take care of them like we take care of other animals. 

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