This is a bit outdated, but at least you can be very prepared next time!

All Hail The Senior Pets!

   The meaning for Adopt A Senior Pet Month is a bit obvious, but I’ll still explain. Adopt A Senior Pet Month is the whole month of November, so you have lots of time to prepare. Adopt A Senior Pet Month is all about adopting a senior pet. Most senior pets in shelters are more at risk of getting euthanized because of their old age. They aren’t jumping balls of fur like young pets are. But having a senior pet can be very relaxing. They have more patience, and are easier to teach. Senior pets are very loyal to you, and are mostly more independent. They’re gonna love you forever, and are only gonna love you more each year. 

The Rejected Seniors…

  Most reasons people try to avoid senior pets are:

  •  It’s very possible that the person has recently lost a pet and sadly aren’t looking forward to losing another in a few years.
  • They don’t seem as playful or funny as a younger cat
  • They aren’t as “cute”
  •  They don’t wanna adopt at all
  • They don’t like the thought of the senior pet easily getting sick
  • They wanna be jerks and ignore the helpless call of senior pets 

  So yeah, I hope you decide to adopt a senior pet.

The Feline Queen ❤️

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