If you’ve been here before you might have noticed a few changes to this site. The name, format, you get it. First of all, I completely lost my motivation last year. I don’t even remember the last time I sat down and actually worked on something. Quite a few things have changed during the summer. Unless you have been living under a rock, you most likely know that we’re currently in a pandemic. Because of this everyone has had to go into quarantine and social distance. If you don’t have a valid reason to not be doing this leave please. Anyways, due to the boredom of not wanting to do anything, I discovered a whole new world. Just guess. I’ll give you a second. Did you figure it out yet? Alright here. KPOP. I discovered Kpop. I was dragged in and can’t escape now. Kpop took over 80% of my life. I’m serious. And now my motivation is kinda back. Thank you. My perspective on many things has changed now. 

On the day I’m writing this it is a Saturday. I have Kpop music playing in the background, and I feel like the coziest person alive. There’s a good chance I’ll end up forgetting about this site tomorrow but at least being productive is a thing again. But now I have made a decision. FINALLY. This website is no longer only about felines. I won’t delete the past articles or stop writing about them completely, but will just write about basically anything. Whether it be Kpop, cats, current events, opinions, that one devastating anime I watched, you can decide on what you want to read here. It’s almost like this is becoming my public diary. Anyone can read if they’re interested. 

The new name of this site is now, “The Solo Circus”. If you’re curious on why it was named that, just know that it’s based on a Kpop fandom reference. Wow, surprising. 

I have no idea when the next article will be published. It might take a month, a week, a day. If you’re new here and none of this even matters to you, than I won’t keep you any longer. Okay, that’s all. 

The Feline Queen 

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